Fast 5: Artist of the Week with Senior Luke Crumplar

Magic happens when Luke looks through the lens.


Thea Barragan and Nick Edmonds

1. What is one of the favorite things you’ve taken a picture of?
“Some favorite things I’ve taken a picture of is up in the mountains or just going out and taking pictures during a certain time of the day, like trees and stuff like that.”
2. Why is photography important to you?
“If I take a picture of something, it’s there forever, even if I don’t see it again, I know that I’ll always have it.”
3. Why did you start doing photography?
“I don’t know why but I just kinda began to take pictures of anything and keeping the things I’m doing forever, just random things I saw at first and it went on from that.”
4. How would you describe your photography?
“My photography…I like taking pictures of simple things like trees or lights, aspects of things that will be gone or I won’t see again. Like the light hitting the tree a certain way and things I find pretty.”
5. Do you plan on continuing doing photography once you graduate?
“I’m going to keep taking photos. I’m not going to do it as a job, it’s more of a hobby. I’ll probably do it as long as I can.”