Fast 5: Artist of the Week with Kyle White

It’s a tuba. The big one.


Deep Tones Kyle poses for a photo with his massive instrument before a home football game.

Kaleb Oakley, Staff Writer - Arts

1. How long have you been in Band?
I’ve been in band for about three years, since freshman year but I’ve played before that since 5th grade.
2. What instrument do you play?
I play the tuba. The big one.
3. Why tuba?
I used to play flute, but at the start of the year we didn’t have any tubas and we needed one so I switched, and I don’t regret it because it’s fun. I enjoy it a lot.
4. What have been your favorite parts of being in a band?
Playing music and hanging out with friends. That’s probably the best part and why I enjoy it so much.
5. Can you describe yourself in five words?
Enthusiastic. I don’t really have any others just enthusiastic.