Fast 5: Athlete of the Week with Iris Stanfill

Part of the pack.


Iris Stanfill, the co-captain of the cross country team, has been running since her freshman year.

Brooke Koza, Staff Writer

What is your favorite pre-game song?

Before every meet, the team always sings the Hokey Pokey.

What is your favorite pre-game snack?


Who is an individual that has helped elevate your game, and how have they done so?

Everyone on the team. One of my favorite parts of cross country is that it’s not just about improving yourself but also about improving your team. My coaches have also helped me tremendously because they expect the best out of us, so they encourage us to work hard and reach our full potential.

What has been your favorite part of the season or what is something you’re looking forward to?

My favorite part of the season is getting to run with my team and friends and seeing all of our hard work pay off during competitions.

What made you originally join cross country… why are you participating in a sport that is most other sports’ punishment?

Originally my freshman year I joined cross country because my mom did cross country in high school. I wanted to participate in the same sport she did. What has made me stay in cross country is that there is a mental tranquility you get from running that you can’t get from any other sport. It’s applicable not only to running but also to other parts of your life. It makes you a stronger person. Also, it’s fun!