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Eagle Way Student News: October 26, 2018

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This week’s topics:

Events, celebrations, teacher shout-outs, challenge of the week, and new TVs.

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Bailey Dubs, Staff Writer

Bailey is a junior at Broomfield. This is her first year in newspaper, and she is excited to start writing for the school. Her extracurricular activities...

Brooke Dubs, Staff Writer

Brooke Dubs is a junior at Broomfield High School, and this is her first year in Newspaper. She’s always loved to write, so she is super excited to be...

Cade Austin, Staff Writer

Cade is a senior at Broomfield. He is someone who really enjoys to play sports and to compete. His sport of choice is soccer, and he has done a season...

Jack Vanderberg, Web Editor

Jack Vanderberg is a senior and on his second year as working for the school newspaper. This year he is the Website Manager. Around the school, you can...

Annabelle Lingbeck, Staff Writer

Annabelle is currently a Junior at BHS, and this is her second year in newspaper. She participates in swim and choir with the school and enjoys challenging...

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Eagle Way Student News: October 26, 2018