The Eagles of Broomfield – Alessio Biondi


Tino Martinez, Staff Writer

What do you miss from Italy?


“So, I miss the food, obviously. My grandma cooks everytime and I have lunch at my grandma’s like twice a week and it’s me and all my cousins. So, both my mom and my grandma are good cooks, but my grandma, she makes her own pasta while my mother buys it and so they are both good but my grandma is like, fresh stuff or homemade. I also miss all my friends from the life that I left from Italy. It’s very difficult getting close to people here because we have known each other for while. In Italy I have been with my friends all my life, so…so it is more difficult.

So, in Italy the most followed sports are the one I like is like soccer, or motorbike, motorcars and so I usually go all around Italy to go to football games (soccer) and races. That’s what I think I miss more, and I also like the fact that Italy is very close, like narrow, very small. You can get to another city in half and hour or an hour and here you have to take a plane and I’ve been to Boston and you have to take a four hour flight.”