The Eagles of Broomfield – Oliver Yang


Gianni Martinez, Staff Writer

“So if there was a zombie apocalypse, what I would do is usually the best thing you can do is survive of course. Don’t think of it as the Walking Dead, don’t think of it as like a video game or something else. Think of it as a real life or death situation, and knowing thatwhere would I go? Well…well obviously the safest place is to be away from this goddamn hell hole. So, I’d rather travel alone because traveling with your friends would be nice, but it puts everyone at risk 100 percent. Plus, you would have to care for your friends and everyone else first so it’s better if you’re running solo, but that’s just me though. Would I try to create a whole safe community for people to live in? Well, that depends if I actually found a place safe for everyone else during the zombie apocalypse, so yes…yes I would indeed. If I were to carry any weapon, hmm…well there are obviously guns, but guns these days are kind of a bit useless. I would much rather carry a melee weapon. For me, I would rather carry a sword. It’s badass and kind of my style.”