Athlete of the Week – Cade Austin


Steph Peterson, Staff Writer

Cade Austin (11), varsity soccer player, has played virtually his whole life. He has worked countless hours to master skills to get him to the next level, so there is no question why he is this weeks athlete of the week. Austin said, “I started playing when I was five years old with my dad in the back yard, but my passion for soccer really didn’t develope intensely until I was 10 or 11 years old. That was when I started watching professional soccer, and fell in love with my team Barcelona, that’s when I got hooked on soccer.” Cade says that there are lots of reasons of why he loves soccer, but the creativity aspect is what made him fall in love with the sport in the first place. “My favorite thing about soccer is the creativity involved. There are so many options in playing and it allows you to play any way you want.” Although last year’s state game did not end in the desired outcome, Cade still said, “My proudest moment in soccer was last year’s state game. It was all the hard work, dedication, and passion resembled by one game. Even though the results didn’t dictate that.” Cade works every day to become better at his sport and is inspired by the best to become the best. “My biggest inspiration is Andres Iniesta. He is the complete player and I’ve always driven to be like him when I play.”