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2017-2018 Staff

Steph Peterson

Staff Writer

Steph Peterson is currently a junior, and this is her first year in newspaper. She has one older brother named Colin and one adorable...

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Chloe Wolz

Staff Writer

Chloe Wolz is a Junior. She enjoys being involved in the school along with the surrounding community. Chloe loves all types of animal...

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Jack Vanderberg

Web Editor

Jack Vanderberg is a junior at Broomfield High School, participating in his first year in the school newspaper. Jack is invol...

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Claire Tetro

Staff Writer

Claire Tetro is a senior. She is co-captain of the varsity poms squad and is involved in Blue Crew. When she isn’t focusing...

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Nate Sage

Staff Writer

Nate Sage is currently a senior. He enjoys making his own clothes and he just launched his own underground clothing brand “S...

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Sidney Poulsen

Staff Writer

Sidney Poulsen, age 16, is a junior. She feels as if she finally has her life put together and knows what she wants to accompl...

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Maggie Peck

Staff Writer

This is Maggie Peck’s first year of newspaper. She is currently a sophomore. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, mov...

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Gianni Martinez

Staff Writer

Gianni Martinez is currently a senior. He is one of five captains of the varsity soccer team. He has won a state championship...

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Annabelle Lingbeck

Staff Writer

Annabelle is a sophomore. This year is Annabelle’s first in newspaper. She lives with her mom, dad, brother (Jack) and two dog...

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Alexus Deines

Staff Writer

Alexus is currently a junior. She loves to read, write, and draw in her free time. Alexus loves to explore with her friends and...

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Hannah Belmont

Staff Writer

Hannah Belmont is a junior. She spends most of her time at dance. She dances at Tara Cluck Dance Center on their senior company....

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Tino Martinez

Staff Writer

Tino Martinez lives in Broomfield, Colorado. He’s a seventeen-year-old senior. He loves to play soccer and run track. He’s be...

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Sydnie Ho

Staff Writer

Sydnie Ho is a senior at Broomfield High School. While quite shy at first, Sydnie always has a smile on her face with a charis...

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Jon Packwood

Web Editor

Jon Packwood is a senior. This year is Jon's second year in Newspaper, and he currently runs the Newspaper website. Jon is taske...

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Jenna Burgesser

Staff Writer

Jenna Burgesser is a junior at BHS. She enjoys getting involved with the school and playing sports such as basketball and swimming...

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Allison Eichner

Editor in Chief

Allison Eichner is a senior at Broomfield High School. She used to play soccer, but now focuses on her academics, extra curricu...

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Sawyer Giles

Staff Writer

Sawyer Giles, (otherwise known as Soy) is a seventeen-year-old senior. Sawyer is a people person. Being around other people fuels...

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