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Sidney Poulsen
As a senior at Broomfield High, Sidney is quite active in several parts of the school. She has been on Broomfield women's gymnastics team for three, going on four years, and is now co-captain of the team. Throughout each year here at Broomfield, she has gradually advanced herself in academics; by the end of her senior year, she is hoping to have earned her lab coat in pursue of her love for science (lab coat: taking six or more science classes and earning a B or higher). She has been apart of Blue Crew for two years and now serves as a Commissioner. Outside of school, Sidney enjoys spending time with her friends, whether that’s driving around Broomfield’s small town or staying at home watching the new hype on Netflix. Sunday nights are for football and family, where she surrounds herself with her brothers and grandmother, appreciating the time she has left before leaving for college.

Sidney Poulsen, Staff Writer

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