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Sidney Poulsen
Sidney Poulsen, age 16, is a junior. She feels as if she finally has her life put together and knows what she wants to accomplish in the 2017/2018 school year. Taking all academic classes (Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Chemistry, American Lit, Algebra 2, AP US History, and of course, Newspaper) this year will hopefully be an eyeopener for what she will be wanting to pursue in the near future. As a freshman, Sidney really looked up to the upperclassmen, specifically seniors and wanted to be someone the freshman could look up to and go to for anything, and that's why she joined Blue Crew. As important as academics are, sports also play a significant role in her life. She is on the varsity gymnastics and the track and field team. Outside of school, Sidney enjoys spending time with friends, eating food, sleeping, and working (lifeguard).

Sidney Poulsen, Staff Writer

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