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Prom: Expectation vs. Reality

Claire Tetro, Staff Writer

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Prom. That one night of the year when everything is perfect. When there’s and excuse to dress up, go eat at a fancy restaurant, slow dance with your date, and of course, stay up all night at JAM. And it only happens twice in a lifetime (unless you’re a lucky freshman or sophomore.) However, I did not go to prom my junior year, meaning everything, and I mean everything was weighing on my experience this year. Not only was I striving for the perfect night, but I had some pretty high expectations. In the weeks leading up to prom I recorded my expectations and in the days following prom I recorded the reality. Here is what I learned:


Expectation: I will be asked to prom in a sappy, romantic way that makes my heart melt.

Reality: Unless my mystery date is waiting until after prom for the big surprise, I won’t be expecting a prom date in my high school career but that’s ok because friends are awesome, right?! *tear*


Expectation: The weather on the day of prom will be perfect, meaning no clouds, rain or snow.

Reality: Of course, Mother Nature was not on our side and it snowed the day of prom but to no surprise, Sunday morning was the perfect Spring day. I also may or may not have gotten frostbite on my toes, thanks Mother Nature.


Expectation: My 50 friends and I will be chauffeured around Denver in a gigantic limo dropping us off at dinner, the dance and JAM.

Reality: Uber SUV, please.


Expectation: The morning of prom, I will get my hair and makeup professionally done. Afterall, prom is the one night you can splurge on unnecessary beauty treatments, right?

Reality: I’m a broke high school student and my makeup brushes and straightener will do the job just fine.


Expectation: I’ll be having so much fun that I’ll be able to stay up all night! No afternoon naps on prom night.

Reality: Surprisingly, this expectation became a reality. Sitting in the auditorium at three in the morning, I felt like I could stay up for hours.


Expectation: There will be absolutely no drama.

Reality: Although I did see some tears, I avoided all drama and as far as I know there were no major “incidents” the night of prom.


Expectation: There will be a lot of dancing.

Reality: This expectation also became reality and dancing on the dance floor was honestly the best part of the night.


Expectation: I will win one of the biggest prizes at JAM.

Reality: This one may have been one of the biggest letdowns of the night. I waited all night until 3 in the morning to hear my name announced, and yet I’m still waiting.


Expectation: JAM will be everything I expected, and more. More importantly, it will be the best part of the night.

Reality: I have to be honest, I set my expectations way too high for this one. Of course I appreciate all the hard work and effort that was put into JAM, but this year it was not everything I hoped it would be.


Expectation: Finally, like I said, the night will be perfect.

Reality: I would not call the night perfect, but honestly I am very pleased with how the night went. From pre-prom chaos to post-prom depression, I am happy to say that it was my first and last prom.

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Claire Tetro, Staff Writer

Claire Tetro is a senior. She is co-captain of the varsity poms squad and is involved in Blue Crew. When she isn’t focusing on school work or poms, she...

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