Athlete of the Week: Jenna Casasanta

Daniel Kowalski, Staff Writer

As the ball dropped for the start of winter sports, Jenna Casasanta scored this week’s Athlete of the Week with her performance on the court for the lady Eagles. In last week’s tournament game against Holy family, Casasanta contributed 17 points in a victory. The win, for her, was even sweeter as she, ironically enough, celebrated her 17th birthday that day. “I dont think it happened because it was my birthday. I just felt the fire that game, but it was a cool coincidence,” Casasanta said.


A new starter in the program this year, she looks to contribute to the success on the court in a big way. “It’s really an honor to be one of those top five (players) in your coach’s eyes and your teammates’ eyes…it’s really special,” Casasanta said. She looks to be a part of maintaining the team’s high expectations, carrying over from last year. The team is trying to repeat their championship hopes and remain at the throne of the league this year: “We have high expectations, confidence in ourselves, and confidence in our coach,” Casasanta said.

Success is still common for the the newly coached team, and the adapting process is going well in Casasanta’s eyes. “It’s definitely different. His terminology is different and he calls things different names than Croell would have, but we have confidence in him and I believe he will take us really far.”

Despite the new coach, the team has had a hot start to the season coming in second in the Castle View Tournament and winning the Fairview Tournament, all while only dropping one game to last year’s state runner-ups, Thunder Ridge. Excited for the rest of the season, Casasanta looks forward to bonding with the team, getting to work with her new coach. “I’m excited to crush the season.”